The Piper, Rebel Hearts, Book 2 (ebook edition)

The Piper, Rebel Hearts, Book 2 (ebook edition)

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★★★★★ "This story was wonderful. I truly enjoyed it right from the start." ~ Alison, Goodreads

★★★★★ "A...potent story that had me in tears...." ~ Eniko, Goodreads

★★★★★ "Amazing", ~ Emma, Goodreads

★★★★★ "A touching story, which will stay with me for a while." ~ NavyWavy 62, Bookbub

A laird whose sight has been stolen. A lady haunted by a tragic past. Together, can they escape the darkness?

Hiding away in a castle tower overlooking snowswept moors, Lady Cait Campbell plays her pipe. Her music helps her deal with a past she can never forget and a world she now fears.

Gravely injured in battle, Laird Ewan MacLeod survives his wounds but loses his sight. Believing himself incapable of protecting his people, he wishes to relinquish his chiefdom to his young brother who stubbornly refuses to accept the role, believing Ewan is still the rightful laird.

When their families come together to celebrate the Yuletide season, Ewan and Cait rekindle the friendship shared in their youth and the spark that has always existed between them ignites into a fiery attraction.

Still, love can only save them from their lonely fates if they both have the courage to face the challenges of the future, together.

The Piper is a Rebel Hearts Novella