About Lily

2015 RONE Award Winner

2016 RONE Award Finalist

2017 RONE Award Finalist



Hi there! My name is Lily Baldwin, and I’m a romance author. My books feature rugged, protective heroes and strong heroines. More than a quarter of a million historical romance fans have enjoyed my books. I hope you’ll be next.


A lifelong romance fan…

I’ve always been a hopeful romantic and completely enamored with romance novels, especially ones involving a protective, rebellious Hero fighting the good fight. My favorite romance sub-genre has always been Scottish Historical Romance–the rugged Highlander and headstrong heroine.

How my writing career began…

I started writing my first story when my daughter was born. I remember holding her new little body in my arms, promising her that if she worked hard, she could achieve anything. I realized how hollow my promise sounded when I had not striven toward my own dream of becoming an author.

And so my journey began. I started to write my first book so that I could look my daughter in the eye when I encouraged her to strive.

And now…

…nearly ten years later, I’m ready to start the next chapter of my author career. I haven’t exactly broken up with Amazon–my books are still on their shelf, but we are no longer going steady. I’m excited to connect directly with my readers and be a true Independent Author! Thank you for choosing to shop at my wee “virtual” bookstore–it’s the equivalent of buying local for authors.   With gratitude, I wish you happy reading!

All my best,